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Did You Know You Are A Brand?

What do you think of when you see or hear Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, or Lexus?

These companies have built a brand and they are known for either good or bad experiences.

I want you to think of yourself the same way. You are a brand and because of your engagements, people have a perception of your brand. It could be good, bad, or indifferent.

A good place to start auditing your brand would be to ask yourself this: Do I have blind spots or behaviors that impact how I am perceived?

Reputations are worth attention. Your reputation directly impacts your career success. It is the basics of successful personal brands.

It is important to be aware of the small things. Little things like the language and tone you use when speaking to team members and customers. Even your hand gestures and facial expressions are important.

Have you ever thought about a brand statement? Do you have one? Something that can describe you and remind you of what you want your brand to be known for.

Well, you are in luck. Let’s create one: A personal brand statement consists of one sentence that can be easily understood and can be recited from memory.

My brand statement is: “I empower quality driven people to reach beyond their comfort zone through coaching and personal brand training.”

This statement is powerful for me because it reminds me of the types of decisions I need to make. It keeps my personal mission top of mind. It even encourages me to be the person my brand statement represents.

To create your brand statement, think about what you are good at. What are you known for? Think about what your expertise is and make it an action statement.

I challenge you to build/enhance your brand!

  • Raise your hand – Volunteer for a project or team.

    • Be decisive and have a point of view.

  • Take on a challenge – Learn a new skill or a task.

  • Get involved – take advantage of various workstreams and community give back opportunities.

  • Show up and Be Here Now – do a great job every day. Pay attention, care, and act.

Periodically you need to evaluate what your brand is. Do a pulse check to see if what you say your brand is aligns with what others think or perceive.

  • Get feedback- to reach your potential you must amplify your strengths and areas of opportunity:Ask a trusted mentor, a peer (someone who will tell you the truth). You don’t want someone overly critical or someone who is afraid to hurt your feelings. You can even ask a peer to solicit feedback on your behalf. You may get even more honesty that way.

  • When you get the feedback you requested, be open-minded and listen to it.

  • Take it in the spirit it was given, as a means for you to grow. Feedback is a gift.

  • Awards/Recognition – what compliments have you been given lately? Have you received awards or recognition? For example, have you had any complimentary emails sent about you?

  • Your responsibilities – think about what tasks and projects you are being asked to do? Are they challenging? Are they high profile? If they are, it shows that the person who assigned them to you, believes in you. If you haven’t been given any responsibility or, if you aren’t getting the projects that put you in front of senior leadership, it may be because your brand isn’t as positive as you might think.

Remember you are a brand. Manage and maintain it!

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