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How to lead people

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Five ways to lead:

Create Safety

  • No judgement zone and truly listen. Open transparency fosters an open communication culture.

  • Integrating information from other sources to evaluate alternatives and make effective decisions.

Work Together

  • Cocreate, Trust, Communicate, Be Open

  • Encourage collaboration and serve your team by empowering them to think the unthinkable.

Claim Value

  • Know what you stand for

  • Have non negotiables

Own Your Impact

  • Personal accountability, own your action, be self-aware

  • Bring energy to the room, do not drain energy from the room

Dare Not to Know

  • Remember you are human. You are vulnerable. You don’t know it all.

  • Manage your brand not your appearance.

All leaders have followers: Look at some key behaviors that show strong leadership and ask yourself what type of shadow am I casting?

Make emotional connections

Set Stretch Goals

Set A Clear Vision

  • Communicate clearly and often

  • Continuously Innovate

  • Collaborative internally and externally

  • Take initiative; lead the pack

  • Professionally Develop others

Here are a few ways to ensure that your team isn’t demotivated nor suffering from the Great Resignation theory.

  • Create and maintain a consistent positive culture, one that isn’t toxic.

  • Recognize employees and ensure job security

  • Promote work life integration. Aligning your career and personal life when possible is key. Work life balance is not consistent.

  • Ask questions to ensure the employee’s role aligns with their strengths.

Ensure that your employees voice is heard especially during change.

  • Celebrate small wins.

  • Practice empathy

  • Have flexibility, give autonomy

I want to leave you with a challenge to set expectations of your team.


Clearly Define, communicate, and emphasize goals. Ask yourself, did I provide clarity, did I get buy-in and are the goals attainable.

  • Provide the objectives and set the expectations as early as possible and revisit them

  • Hold your team accountable equally and follow up

  • Tell stories about employee success, feedback is meaningful

  • Ensure that every goal is measurable

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